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April 19, 2010
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                                                Sakura's new love
                                              By: Bluediamondpikachu 93


               Dissclamer:I Do not own Naruto, Yugioh GX, Yugioh, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts 2, Yuyuhakusho, and Inuyasha and Shaman King but I wish i did but i do own the game Kingdom hearts 1&2.

Summary:This a mega X-Over with 9 different shows and 1 video game so I hope you like this.

                                          Chapter 1
                                     The three Sand Ninja
Long ago somewhere far away lived a boy named Ash Ketchum who's standing on a cliff overlooking the land that he lives in he has long black hair thats down to his waist and he wears a long dark blue vest with all burgandy inside with blue jeans and boots and the color of the jeans are Burgandy but the boots are black and he has a heart shaped locket with Kairi's picture inside it and a golden chain with Kairi's name in diamonds.

So Ash's sitting on his fire horse with his long back hair flowing in the wind and he says"Well Pikachu what do you think maybe we should get back home and see if Kairi needs any help."

So Ash rode back home to his house and when he got there he saw his girlfriend Kairi standing there and she walked up to him and said "Hey Ash I''ve been worried about you baby and did you see anything lately baby and I know that you miss him very much but you have the charm bracelet that he gave you as a gift Ash so why are you so sad Ash."

Ash replied" You don't understand Kairi he and I are best friends that's why I miss him like crazy Kairi every time i look at my charm bracelet I start to cry you don't know how much pain i've been going through Kairi to know that you have to leave your childhood friend and i know that I miss him so much I start to cry."

So this is Ash's gf she has long red hair that's down to her waist she wears a long sky blue dress with a magaenta jacket and shoes to match her dress and she has a heartshaped locket with Ash's picture inside it and a golden bracelet with Ash's name in Rubies.

Just then Ash's baby brother Sammy ran out of the house with a lettle in his hand and Answered "Ash a letter just came for you and it's from Uncle Asuma and he wants us to go to Konoha for the Chunin Exams that starts in 3 weeks from today big brother."

This is Ash's baby brother Sammy he has long purple hair that's down to his waist he wears a long red vest with all dark blue inside and his blue jeans are dark blue and boots he has a heartshaped necklace with Kagome's picture inside and a golden chain with Kagome's name in Sapphires.

Just then they heard a big bang when they ran out they saw Sora running up to them and he says "Ash did you hear that I think it was coming from Proffsor Oak's lab and I think he's in trouble guys so let's get going Ash."

So Ash, Kairi, Sammy, Sora, Riku, May, Misty, Brock, Max, and Dawn all road down to Proffsor Oak's lab and when they got there they saw Tracy on the floor bleeding from the wound on his stomach but when Ash ran up to him Ash said "Tracy what happend here did something happend to Proffsor Oak Tracy where is he buddy."

Tracy started to cough up blood and replied "Ash they came for him and took him Ash and they left me a note Ash and I think you need to read it buddy cause I know that you can save him."

Ash looked at the note and the note states ":Dear Tracy If you want to see your Proffsor again bring  the money and the boy if you don't we'll kill him if you don't so bring the money and the boy to Veridian City at 9:00 tonight  or else."

Ash answered "they didn't leave their name but why do they me for Tracy I don't know why but let's go to Veridan City with the money and me but I don't know why but let's go now".

So Ash, Sammy, Kairi, Sora, Riku, Brock, Misty, Tracy, May, Max, and Dawn all got on their pokemon and rode to Veridian City so when they got there they saw the bad guys and one of them says"Did you bring the money and the boy that we asked for well did you or not we want the boy alive so hand him over to us."

Tracy said "Yes I did bring the boy but not the money so what do you want with Ash he didn't do nothing  to you so leave him out of this Jerk and let Proffsor Oak go."

Just then the other guy got behind Ash and grabbed Ash Then Sammy replied "Let my brother go you monster leave him alone you creep he didn't do nothing to you so let him go you monsters or I'll kill you." 

Allen answered "Not on your life kid he's ours now and we'll be on our way and we'll let your Proffsor go but we'll take the kid and be on our way Johnny let the old man go we got what we came for now let's get out of here before the cops come."

So Allen  and Johnny left with Ash kicking and screaming "help me someone anyone help me please help me someone anyone help me!"

Johnny says "Quite you brat we're taking you to our boss kid so If I were you I'd stay quite or I'll kill you boy now let's see what you'll do without your little friend here."

So Allen grabbed Pikachu and tossed him out the window when Ash said "Stop leave my Pikachu alone please and where are you taking me you jerks let me go now you monsters ugh let me go let me go ugh."

Just then they head somone yell "Spirit Gun" so when Allen turned around he got nailed with it and he fell to the ground dead and Johnny replied "You'll pay for that kid no one kill's my partner and gets away with it now I'm gonna go up there and kill you punk and you'll live the day when I get my hands on you kid." 

Then he saw 4 boys and 2 girls the first guy has long black hair that's down to his waist and he wears a long dark green vest with all Mandarin inside and his blue jeans are the same color and he wears boots to and he has a heart shaped locket with a picture of his girlfriend Keiko in it and a golden chain with Keiko's name in diamonds the sceond boy has very long black hair that's down to his waist he wears a long black vest with all blue inside he wears blue jeans and boots he has a diamond shaped locked with his new girlfriend Yukina in it.

the next boy has long red hair that's down to his waist he wears a long light blue vest with all green inside he wears blue jeans and boots and the last one has long black hair that's down to his back he wears a long purple vest with all yellow inside he wears blue jeans and boots.

So the two girls on has long black hair that's down to her waist and she wears a long Maroon dress with a long sliver jacket with shoes to match the dress and she has a star shaped locket with a picture of her boyfriend Yuskue in it and the last girl has long black hair that's down her waist she wears a long ligh pink dress witha a peach jacket and the shoes to match the dress she a heart shaped locket with the picture of her new boyfriend Zane in it then the first boy answered "Let that boy go pal cause i'll kill you if you don't pal so let him go pal you'll going to get it!"

Johnny says "Make me kid and what's your name boy so they can carve it on your tombstone kid now get lost my boss needs this kid so out of my way kid."

Just then the fist kid beat Johnny up real bad and Ash held pikachu close to him to keep him safe but when the battle's over Ash fanted from the sight then they took Ash to a near by Pokemon Center and when he woke up Ash looked around and says "(huh) where am I and who are you buddy and did you save me and my Pikachu."

He said "No problem kid and you want to know my name right kid the name's Yuskue Uyrameshi and the guy with the long orange hair is Kuzuma Kuwabara and there other guy with long red hair is my other friend Kurama and the little guy here with the long black hair is Hiei and you better watch out casue you don't want to make this little guy mad and this is my girlfriend Keiko Yukimura and she's the best thing that ever happend to me cause i love her very much and she love's me and the last girl over here is my twin sister Hikari and yes we are twins but what's your name kid you never told us your name buddy so we can be friends."

Ash replied "Well my name's Ash Ketchum and i'm from Suna and I have a younger brother named Sammy and a girlfriend named Kairi and I love her very much Yuskue and sure we can be friends but I need to get back to Pallet Town and find my brother and girlfriend to make sure their safe so can you help me Yuskue buddy."

Yuskue answered "Sure buddy but how are we going to get there Ash if we don't know how we need something to get us there and fast."

Then Ash pulled out a pokeaball from out of his pocket and yells "Ponyta I chose you so come out my friend."

Yuskue says "Uh Ash what's that a horse or what and you can ride this thing buddy won't you get burned Ash buddy you know that right."

Ash said "Yuskue this is a pokemon and no I don't get burned by ponyta cause it's my friend Yuskue so let's go you guys."

So Ash got on his Ponyta, Yuskue got on his Bayleaf with Keiko his girlfriend, Kuwabara got on his Ponyta, Hikari road on her Bayleaf with Kurama and Hiei behind her so they all road back to Pallet Town to find Sammy and Kairi but then Ash saw a bird-type pokemon flying in the air and It's a Starlie so Ash looked up and replied "I know that Starlie that's my baby brother's pokemon i'm sure of it."

Hikari answered "Ash is that your pokemon buddy and why's coming this way for Ash with something in it's beak for you Ash."

So Starlie flew down and landed on Ash's shoulders and Ash took the note from Starlie's beak so Ash read the note and it states: "Dear Ash it's me Sammy your little brother I was so worried about you Ash that me and Kairi went with Sora and the others to find you so I used my Starlie to find you and I hope you get this letter big brother cause I miss you so much your baby bro Sammy."

Ash says "Sammy wherever you are buddy I'm coming baby bro so don't worry okay Sammy I'm coming to find you baby bro so hang in there Sammy cause here I come."

So Ash, Yuskue, Kuwabara, Hikari, Kurama, Keiko, and Hiei all made it to Pallet Town btu when the got there Ash saw his mom and said "Mom where's Sammy do you know where he is mom I need to know were he is mom and fast."

Nina replied "Oh Ash I'm glad to see you son I thought I'd lost you Ash but why are you looking for your brother Sammy for Ash he left with Kairi to find you Ash and who are they Ash are they some new friends Ash."

Ash answered "Yes mom this is my new best frind Yuskue Uyrameshi and his older twin sister Hikari Uyrameshi next is their best friend Kuzuma Kuwabara and my friend Yuskue's girlfriend Keiko Yukimura and their two friends Kurama and Hiei mom and their the ones who saved me mom and we need to know mom and fast cause i need to find him mom."

Nina says "But Ash can't you wait for Sammy to come back sweety you need to wait for him Ash he'll be back so get some rest okay Ash."

Ash said "I'll try mon but what if I can't sleep mom what will happen to me mom need to know and I keep having this pain and it hurts so much mom I don't know what to do mom help me mom."

Nina replied "I knew this would happend my son but I have a serect to tell you Ash so you need to sit down for this cause I don't know how to tell you this but you weren't born here in Pallet Town you were born in Suna the village hidden in the sand Ash you and your little brother Sammy but you have two sisters and their name's are Sakura and Tenten but you have a brother a half-brother named Shikamaru and he's your baby brother Ash."

Ash answered "Then why are you telling me all this for mom your saying that I have 2 sisters and one half-brother that I don't know anything about mom where are they mom don't you have a picture of them or something mom."

Nina says "Why yes i do Ash it's right here in the photo abum see Ash there you are in my arms with Tenten standing next to me holding her dolly and Sakura standing next to your father while he's holding Sammy in his arms and Shikamaru standing next to your Uncle Asuma looking at the Mountians of the Hokage's with your great grandfather the 3rd Hokage of Konohagakure the village hidden in the leaves and that's where I was born so were your sisters and half-brother but your father was born in Suna Ash and it was in Suna that we first met and your father is a priest of Egypt one of the court of Pharaoh Atem and his twin brother Atemi Ash and that was 5,000 years ago my son but back in Suna your father used Ninjustsu to implant an Incarnation of sand within you when you were born known as Shitanu it was the spirit of the brother of Shukaku and the brother of a former Sunagakure elder that was sealed inside a teakettle my son and that's why you have all that pain my son."

Ash said "So all this time when I was in pain that you didn't tell me this mom no wounder that I was in pain mom but thanks for telling me mom and when do I get to meet my sisters and and half-brother mom and do I have any cousins mom."

Nina replied "Yes you do you have cousins 4 of them and their name's are Rei, Duke, Saskue, and Itachi and you have a half-cousin named Syrus and he's on your dad's side of the family Ash."

Then Yuskue walked in and answered "Hey Ash I hate to break up this family time but we have big trouble buddy and you should look out the window buddy cause Kuwabara told me that he saw 2 people dressed in white with a talking cat flying a balloon that looks like a Meowth buddy."

Ash answered "You don't mean Team Rocket do you Yuskue I don't what there up to but it means no good."

Nina says "Ash who's this son a friend of yours Ash."

Ash said "Mom this my new friend Yuskue Urameshi and he's the one who saved me mom."

Nina replied "So your the one who saved my son thankyou Yuskue for saving Ash."

Yuskue answered "It was nothing Mrs Kechum but I think we need Ash for something."

Just then they heard a loud yell coming from outside and they saw Riku running up to Ash and answered "Ash thank goodness your safe Ash we were worried about you buddy even Kairi was worried to Ash she told me that she was looking for you Ash an she told me that Sammy's crying for you Ash."

Ash says "Riku where's Kairi is she with you buddy and Sammy where is he is he okay buddy answer me Riku where's my baby brother Riku where's Sammy!"

Riku said" They took Sammy and I don't know where they took him but Sora told me that Team Rocket might have something to do with it."

Then Yuskue ran up to Ash and replied "Hey Ash who's this a friend of yours or what and what's his name buddy."

Ash answered "Yuskue this is my best friend Riku and he lives in the Destiny Islands with my other best friend Sora and my girlfriend Kairi Riku this is my new best friend Yuskue Urameshi and he's my new best friend Riku."

Riku says "Did you say Yuskue Urameshi the great Urameshi one of the togthes street punk of Sarayashikaka Junior High that Yuskue Urameshi Ash."

Just then they saw a balloon that looks like a Meowth and whey Yuskue saw it was Team Rocket flying down to them then Jessie got off the balloon and she said "What do you mean we have something to do with this we have nothing to do with it boy and what's going on here where's your brother Ash."

Ash replied "They took my baby brother Sammy and I don't know where he is Jessie so can you take us to find him Jessie."

Jessie answered "Sure Ash we'll help you out but I need to find my friend Ash she can help us Ash."

James says "But Jessie why do need to help them for Jessie we need to get Pikachu for the boss."

Jessie said "Now now James we need to help them James and you know with their help we can find my best friend Mai Valintine James."

Then  they heard a bang outside and they ran to see what's going on they they saw a huge Sand wall and when Ash saw it he replied "Hey i know  that sand wall from somewhere you guys it's my childhood friend I know It's him you guys."

Then three people appeared the first one's a girl she wears a long Poppy dress with a purple jacket and shoes to match and she has long blond hair that's down to her back and she has a heart shaped locket with a picture of Ash's half-brother Shikamaru in it then the other is a boy with long brown hair that's down to his waist he wears a long blue vest with all Turquise inside and the last boy has blood red hair that's down to his waist he wears a long black vest with all green inside and he has a heart shaped locket with a picture of Ash's sister in it.

then Ash saw the girl and when she walked up to him and she replied "Ash is that you buddy."

Ash answered "Temari is that you buddy wow it's been years since I last saw you guys how's your brothers Temari."

Temari says "Their fine in fact their right here hey you guys come over here It's Ash you guys."

So Kankuro and Gaara came over to their sister and then Kankuro said "What's up did you find Ash sis."

Temari replied "Right here you dummy and yes I did you dumb dumb."

Kankuro answered "Who are you calling a dumb dumb (huh) sis well look who it is It's Ash our best buddy hey Ash long time no see hey Ash their someone who want's to see you buddy."

Ash says "Who wants to see me (huh) buddy do I know him."

Then Gaara walked up to Ash and hugged him and said "Ash buddy it's been years look how much you've grown how's Sammy Ash is he doing fine buddy I want to see him Ash where is he Ash."

Ash replied "He's gone someone took him and we don't know where they took him Gaara we need your help to find him."

Then Yuskue walked up to Ash and answered "Hey Ash who's this a friend of yours or what and what's that on his back a bottle or what."

Ash says "Yuskue  this is my childhood friend Gaara and we grew up together and Gaara this is my new best friend Yuskue Urameshi and he's the best."

Then Kankuro said "Did you say Yuskue Urameshi the great Urameshi the toughest steet punk of Sarayashikaka Junior High that Yuskue Urameshi Ash why didn't you say so buddy we want to be friends with him to Ash."

Ash replied "Sure buddy I'll go ask him hey Yuskue can my chlidhood freind and his sand sibs be your friends to and can Sora and my other friends be your friends buddy."

Yuskue answered " Sure buddy they can be friends with my friends Ash but don't we need to find your brother Sammy buddy so we need to get there and fast Ash."

Kairi says "But Ash where do we start looking Ash sweety and we need more help Ash so why don't you use your brother's pokemon to find Sammy baby."

So Ash pull out a pokeaball  and yelled "Starlie I choose you Starile I want you to go find Sammy and when you do let us know okay buddy."

So Starlie flew off to find Sammy Meanwhile somewhere in Juuban a young girl with long blue hair that's down to her waist she a long blue dress with a purple jacket and shoes to match the dress she has a locket with a picture of her new boyfriend Bastion inside so she was walking down the street when she stopped and heard someone screaming "Help me someone anyone help me oh Ash where are you big brother."

Then she said "Oh no that poor boy he needs our help and fast."

So Amy ran back to her friends at Hikawa Jinja Temple when she saw her friends and two cats when she ran up her friend Mina and replied "Mina come quick there's a boy trapped in a buliding somewhere downtown you guys so let's go."

Mina answered "Did you say a guy Amy ishe cute and hot Amy."

So this is Mina she has long blond hair that's down to her waist she wears a long light red dress with a lght peach jacket and shoes to match and she has a locket with a picture of her new boyfriend Atticus In It.

So Amy and Mina ran to where Amy heard the boy scream but when they saw a bird in the air so Amy found the boy she saw him laying there on a stone table in chains then she says "Are you okay do you need some help I'll go get you some help okay."

He said "Please hurry miss I need to find my older brother so please hurry miss."

Amy replied "Hang on young man I'll go get help okay."

So Amy and Mina ran back to the others for help and answered "Raye we need your help I found this young man tied up in chains you have to help him and fast and he needs to find his older brother Raye we need to help him."

Raye says "I had a vision about him you guys and I know this boy Ami and we need to save him and quick."

Luna said "Do you know this boy Raye do you know him Raye we have to know who he is Raye."

Raye replied "I know who he is Luna he's my cousin and his name's Sammy and he lives in Suna but he moved to Pallet Town but we need to save him before they do something to him Luna and I'm worred about him you guys so let's go."

So the girls left for the place that Amy found Sammy tied up to a stone table but when they got there they heard two people talking and one of them answered "We need Ash and quickly dummy the boss told us to get him and I can't believe that our two best goons couldn't get him the boss is not going to like this."

Just then a girl dressed in black walked out of the dark and says "Did you bring Ash here Lonnie we need him here you fools so why isn't he here."

Lonnie said "forgive me my queen but there has beed a little snag in your plans my lady but the two goons you sent were killed by a boy who saved Ash and we don't know who did it but we do have his younger brother my queen."

Queen Jenna replied "Good let me see him Lonnie this way Ash will sure to come and find him and find him and when he does he'll be ours for the taking."

Then they brought out Sammy then she walked up to him then he answered "Ugh let me go you evil witch wait till my brother comes you'll be sorry lady."

Just then 8 girls appeared and one of them says "Leave my cousin alone you witch so you better watch out cause in the name of Mars you'll get burned lady."

Jenna said "And who are you some kind of scouts selling you cookies to tell me that ha who do you think you are girly your talking to Queen Jenna daughter of Queen Beryl who your princess killed two years ago and I'll kill your princess for this but your cousin Sammy is bait for his older brother whom we need Lonnie!"

Lonnie replied "You called my queen so this is the boy's cousin she's a miko my queen and she has the power to see the present my queen."

Jenna answered "Show these Sailor brats out the door I have some work to do soon the world will bow down to me Queen Jenna queen of the new Negaverse and Ash will be here soon my friend Lonnie I want you to get me the Winddragon from the musium in Domino City and bring it back here okay Lonnie dear Mom will be proud of me her little girl."

Lonnie says "But my queen why Domino City that city is full of fools who love to duel my queen the winddragon is the most powerful sword in the world why would be there my queen."

Jenna said "Cause Lonnie the sword's power was weilded by another but now we need it and soon the moon will be full tonight hurry Lonnie you must go to Domino City and fast."

                                       So this is the end of Chapter 1 In Chapter 2 Ash's gets a letter from his cousin Raye Hino will Ash get to Juuban in time read on Duel fans.
This is the biggest story i have ever done i hope you like it and it's very long and there's more to come and it has some seens that are for older peeps so don't worry
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KappaScience Feb 14, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
'Naruto, Yugioh GX, Yugioh, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts 2, Yuyuhakusho, and Inuyasha and Shaman King'

I love all those Animes 
twilightn Mar 1, 2011
it's the next my immortal, thanks to the wha chow reading of this crap. wha chow made this funny, ONLY THEY CAN MAKE CRAP LIKE THIS SOUND GOOD!
RockstarGenie94 Jan 15, 2011
Bad story is very bad.
Lot is happening in it that it's tad hard to follow.

I'm not quite familiar with YuGiOh, YuYuHaskado, Pokemon, and Shamen King so I'm kind of lost there. ^^; That's why I tend to avoid Crossovers. and I prefer the stories about original characters. :)

BUT, you made a great effort and that's good. In some ways novel writing is harder than drawing comics because word descriptions are heavily involved and even I'm not good at describing anything with words.
Listen to the people's critiques. Don't let them get at you. Take advantage of them and learn from them. :)
So don't give up and keep writing. :)
ty and it's very hard
yes, very hard. :nod: I tried a hand at novel-writing but it didn't work out for me since I think in pictures. But writing fanfictions are good way to practice. :)
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